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Bauer Supreme 1S Griptac Sr. Hockey Stick

SKU: bauer-hs-supreme-1s-grip-sr


Ideal for the power player that unloads explosive one-timers and bombs the heavy slapshot.


Power Sense Core 2 

  • The Power Sense Core 2 blade is constructed with the next evolution of SENSE technology
  • An updated process has integrated SENSE layer materials with the TeXtreme® carbon fiber on the outer portion of the blade
  • By integrating SENSE layer materials, overall blade weight is reduced and balance is improved while maintaining key dampening performance attributes of SENSE technology

eLASTech Technology

  • Proprietary resin system with carbon nanotube reinforcements increase durability by reducing the spread of micro-fractures caused by slashes and puck impacts, extending a stick's 'pop-life' to keep it feeling newer, longer

MPK - Maximum Power Kick

  • All new taper geometry with lower taper initiation for maximum energy output with minimum effort using a stiffer lower shaft that pushes the kick point even higher, creating a stick that is easily loaded - perfect for powerful slap shots and one-timers
  • This stick is ideal for those who lean heavily into their shots

Lightweight TeXtreme® Technology

  • Exclusive to BAUER in hockey, TeXtreme® is ultra-lightweight and strong carbon fiber
  • 20% lighter than conventional carbon, it reduces weight without sacrificing strength

Monocomp Technology

  • Our industry-leading single molding process ensures product and performance consistency
  • By removing excess material like over-lapping layers, resin and foam waste, the balance of the stick is improved and overall weight is reduced
  • This results in easier stick loading and improved energy transfer with every shot

Pure Shot Blade Profile

  • The optimized blade profile increases the connection point between the blade-hosel transition of the stick
  • This reduces the amount of blade deflection - the twisting or opening of the blade while shooting - improving blade control and delivering pinpoint shooting accuracy

Supreme Power Shaft

  • The square, double concave taper is thicker in the hosel area to work in coordination with the Amplified Mid-Kick flex profile to minimize shaft deflection during powerful shots, optimizing energy transfer and keeping the blade aligned for accuracy
1S Tactile
  • The 1S underside TACTILE is strategically placed in order to enhance grip without constricting slide motion
  • The rib height and spacing provides a natural feel that extends beyond traditional place TAC-SPIRAL